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"Cabin in the Woods"

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Rich Buffets

One of the SWC´s most known features is the food! Just for our guests we hired a chef, who cooks all the buffets and the meals. Even between the meals you can ask the chef or swissWerwolf our head in the kitchen to prepare something to eat. 


Easy Payment

We made our own payment system to avoid annoying waiting periods and counting change. Your money is easily accsessible with your badge and you can pay your softdinks or cocktails with it. Simply hold it shortly on the scanner and the cashier will do the rest.


Delicious Cocktails

There is no SWC without a bar! Like always you can have delicious cocktails on the SWC FE4R. Our Barkeeper Stefan Wolpertinger is now in charge of the Bar and he already has big plans. Not only the loved Mojito, also the new Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri is now on our cocktail list and both of them will wait freshly mixed.


Pizza Workshop

This is a little ritual we created on the SWC 2. Everyone gets a pizza dough placed in a backing tray and you are allowed to put on it whatever you can find. Just put your name on a piece of pan liner, put some tomato sauce on the dough and start the party. We got something for everyone and if you need something really special just tell us, we will get it for you.

More Information

The Haus Bergfried is located in a little village called Aitern in the Black Forrest. We have got water and power supply and a nice warm tiled stove as well. The house also has a nice kitchen, two washingrooms with showers and large sinks and 2 restrooms at the first floor and in the basement. All washing and restrooms are unisex. The showers have double cabins so you can change your cloths right in the first cabin and then you can have a shower in the other one.

The house has 7 bedrooms:
1x double room
1x tripple room
3x four-bed rooms
1x five-bed room
1x six-bed rooms
and 2x multi-bed rooms with 12 beds.

At the Schwarzwaldcon you dont have to worry about food. We are known for as much food as you can eat and many guests already put us to this test.
The only thing which is not included in the fee are the drinks. We are selling sofdrinks like soda and juice for the purchase price and the cocktail prices are affordable and meant as support for the convention. Especially for our convention we made a little software to make purchasing for you extremely easy. Just put your Badge on the scanner. The software helps us to avoid long queues or counting change so its the most efficient way to get your drinks 

The Program on the SWC is always self-made by the guests. You can join the artists table, play games with other guests or take your fursuit and entertain the others. In the evening we have pen & paper groups where you can join if you don't forget to sign yourself in just in time. 



  • We will announce the exact prices later.


  • We will announce the exact prices later.


  • We will announce the exact prices later.


  • We will announce the exact prices later.


  • We will announce the exact prices later.

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Schwarzwaldfurs n.e.V
Postfach X123 
79110 Freiburg im Breisgau